My grandparents fight for freedom

Voting 44 years

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Forty four years I have taken my obligation; my civic duty seriously. My grandparents came from Russia, where Jewish people were being rounded up and killed. They both survived — saved by gentile neighbors. Later my grandfather Max was FORCED into joining the Red army. Somewhere along the line, Max got caught handing out Socialist literature, and was sent to prison, to be shot in 24 hours. Max talked his guard into becoming a Socialist, and both escaped — buried under a pile of coal which took them to Vienna, Austria. from there, he convinced a rabbi to write a letter to his future in-laws.

My grandmother bravely traveled to Vienna by herself. She was smart and was proud of her 8th grade education. in those days girls were expected to run the household, and work on the farm. Adele came from a middle class family.

Photo by Antoine Beauvillain on Unsplash

Max was from a very poor home, his father was a Chassid who only went to pray at Shul. so the family wore nightgowns for clothes, and shoes were in short supply. So at the age of eight, Max was sent to do an apprenticeship, with a master cabinet maker.

In 1902 Max and Adele and baby Phillip traveled to America and landed in Boston Massachusetts. He landed a job as a master carpenter at the Russian embassy in Washington, DC, where he was paid in gold once or twice a year.

So I take y right to vote seriously. We may not always win but inch by inch we can and must retie Trump and his swamp. IF WE FAIL WE MIGHT NOT HAVE A DEMOCRACY .


Tamar “Mag” Raine I have written poetry since I was about ten years old. I recently published LIFE IS A JOURNEY, A POETRY RETROSPECTIVE 1965–2008 (really 2018)