Freedom And Independence

While we were at Rancho Los Amigos Rehab Center where I was being evaluated for the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, my parents asked about my learning to drive, as my High School had denied me the right to take Driver’s Education. The driving instructor at Rancho was a very nervous man, and he said my head moved too much.

When we told the occupational therapists there, they said to come and see a short video they had of another person with cerebral palsy. His walking and hands were much worse than mine, but he had contacted the California School of Driving and eventually was able to…

Tamar Raine

We had just moved to Manhattan beach, Calif to a very nice house on Second St. I was four years old, my sister was eight, and suddenly my 18 year old half brother from my father’s first marriage, was there living with us. I hardly knew him, since…

Praise Mother Nature and all Her Creations

Praise mother nature,

Praise the sunrise, the flowers and trees,

Praise the creator of all,

Praise the dolphins and the sting rays,

Praise the goats and the orangutans,

Praise forever the moon, stars and the cosmos,

Praise the little kids and the teenagers,

It’s not the end of the world to be disabled, believe me, I know, I’ve had cerebral palsy all my life. I know all the struggles, the stares, the cruelty, the laughs, the rejection, the physical barriers, the barriers of attitude. But I’ve come to see that this life is…

Voting 44 years

Forty four years I have taken my obligation; my civic duty seriously. My grandparents came from Russia, where Jewish people were being rounded up and killed. They both survived — saved by gentile neighbors. Later my grandfather Max was FORCED into joining the Red army. Somewhere along…

Missing my Dad

Missing my Dad

September 17th, 2007:

My beloved dad was in the hospital, I thought he said he was going in to get his intestines cleaned out. He had Crohn’s and a complication from living a lifetime with megacolon, where he was born with a very large…

Jacob Blake ~ George Floyd ~ Breonna Taylor ~ And too many more, breaks my heart, I’m depressed, angry, extremely sad at the state of things as they impact the families and communities of all those killed by the police in this war on Black & Brown Men And Women.I…

Tim was the man I onceloved. He had a very upbeat, cheerful disposition, a strong, large frame, graying hair which is balding on top, deep-set, intense greenish hazel eyes and a mouth with sensuous lips that he pursed together in a rather unattractive manner when doing something difficult, At times…

Tinnitus Questions

Am I coming?

Am I going?

Where would I be going?

Where would I be coming?

Am I coming?

Am I going?

Is not going the same as coming?

Just where am I coming from?

And where would I be going?

Would this half song and

Half strategy…


An explanation of my American Indian name chosen in the way of the Medicine Wheel when I took a class on American Indian Philosophy at Johnston College at the University of Redlands in 1975.

I have often wished I were a bird,

Mag Raine

Tamar “Mag” Raine I have written poetry since I was about ten years old. I recently published LIFE IS A JOURNEY, A POETRY RETROSPECTIVE 1965–2008 (really 2018)

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